Why Accure Wealth 

Accure Wealth Real Estate Solutions Inc. utilizes the most profitable model in Buy-Fix-Sell Model and Buy and Hold Model in Canada. It follows the best models in the real estate investing business. They created a great team and connected with the Top Canadian Real Estate Investors as Board of Advisors in the company’s operation that creates high success rate in providing passive income to professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. We purchase 65%-70% of the After Repair Value of the property in a Buy-Fix-Sell Strategy. The business model is excellent as investors make money in a short while with limited risks because of security and instant equity on the buy.

We proudly say that investing with us is the smartest way for you to help you start enjoying the extraordinary benefits of making money in real estate in a maximum of 6 months in each project without taking the headaches of managing and doing all the work and the hassle. In addition to that, our mode in a buy and hold strategy is based on the number of units. We focus on apartment buildings in building wealth. Apartment buildings provide a safe place to keep your money, make money, and multiple your money. 

For the clients, you need not spend money on education, build a team, and find deals yourself as you can leverage our team and our expertise in the industry. We provide you with free training and education on becoming a professional and intelligent investor. We make investors money and improve their skills in becoming a professional investor.

team focus

With Accure Wealths’ Management Experience And Sound Financial Approach, Investors Reap The Benefits Of An Exceptional Return On Investment With ”Hands-Free Management”

Open-Book Philosophy

Investor Performance Reviews And Quarterly Statements Are Shared With Each Investor.

investors focus

We Provide You With Free Training And Education On Becoming A Professional And Intelligent Investor.We Make Investors Money And Improve Their Skills In Becoming A Professional Investor.

Great Advisors

We Connected With The Top Canadian Real Estate Investors As Board Of Advisors In The Company’s Operation That Creates High Success Rate In Providing Passive Income To Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, And Investors.

Profitable Business Model

It Follows One Of The Best Models In The Real Estate Investing Business.The Business Model Is Excellent As Investors Make Money In A Short While With Limited Risks Because Of Security And Instant Equity On The Buy.

Our Two Rules