The Accure Wealth Strategy

The most Profitable business model

Accure Wealth Real Estate Solutions Inc. utilizes the most profitable business model in Buy-Fix-Model  in Canada. He created a great team and connected with the Top Canadian Real Estate Investors as Board of Advisors in the company’s operation that creates a high success rate in providing passive income to professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. The great thing about investing in Real Estate that Blake believes is that the security that real estate naturally provides which is an upside for investors. Buy-Fix-Sell is one of the fastest and secured ways to generate massive profits, and Blake follows these principles in investing. According to Warren Buffet, the greatest investor of all time. Rule no.1 is NEVER LOSE MONEY, and Rule 2 is FOLLOW RULE NO. 1.

Buy - Fix - Sell Model

Purchased at 60-70% After Repair Value   

Renovated to 75% After Repair Value

Sold at 100% After Repair Value

A net profit of 10%-15% of the After Repair will be earned

10% of the After-Repair Value will be spent on transactional costs

Rent To Own/buy and Hold Model


Purchase Below Market Value Real Hard Assets (Properties) in select markets


Add Value into the property (Repairs/Renovation)


Stabilize (Rent or Rent to Own)


Refinance- Get Principle Investment Back and Retain Ownership (Depending on how it is acquired)

-Get 100% of our investment back; through mortgage pay down, equity appreciation, rent increase, and asset management  


Multiply and Leverage