Shortage of Thinking

Shortage of thinking

Most people have a thinking called “shortage of thinking”. This notion implies that if someone wins, the other person should lose. In business and in life, it does not exist. Successful individuals don’t think that there is shortage of money and opportunities. Instead, they think without limits in every aspect of our lives and by having this mentality allows them to soar to the highest levels that other people think impossible. For instance, Steve jobs did not stop him making apple products when there is microsoft. Elon musk did not stop building tesla and spaceX after many failures and criticisms about his idea. These guys have no limits.

How often do you hear shortages such as: I have no time for that, there are no good jobs in the city, there is no one hiring, I am not good in business I have competitors. The shortage of thinking is what 99% of people believe in because we always hear negatives from the news and criticisms of other people.

Only you can create success. You create it by doing more than what you think and what other people think. You must get rid of the notion that success is limited or restricted. It prevents you to have the ability to create success in yourself. To overcome this shortage of thinking is to see what others are achieving. Be inspired and learn from them because it will be an opportunity for you to win together with them. Success is your ethical duty:) Stop lying on the couch and watching tv. Go out there and find a way that will create massive success for yourself and your family.

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