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FastPro HomeBuyers

FastPro HomeBuyers
We Buy Houses Fast

A small real estate company based out of Calgary owned and also operated by Blake Petilos. The purpose of this partnership is for lead generation of private leads. FastPro Homebuyers is the lifeblood of the Accure Wealth Real Estate Solutions because this is where deals come from. They do the online and off line marketing in Alberta for deals.

FastPro Homebuyers is helping homeowners in Calgary going through tough times with their properties such as fore closure, divorce, death, tired landlords, cannot afford renovations, and with no/low equity. They help these people by buying properties cash and guaranteed quick closing.

Tucker's Lifestyle Renovations

Tucker's Lifestyle Renovations
Renovating Your Home, Health and Finances

Matt Tucker with Tucker’s Lifestyle Renovations Inc. has 17 years of experience in construction in residential doing dry wall, steel stud framing, HVAC, roofing, additions, flooring, and exterior finishing. He learned and created a track record in this industry by being an apprentice as a renovation carpenter and also has experience in irrigation for one year.

In 2014, because of his great experience, hard work, and knowledge about renovations in residential industry, he created Tuckers Lifestyle Renovations Inc. in which he did a lot of contracts for cheap materials, hired high quality tradesmen he knows in the industry, and has since contracted a lot of projects. They know how valuable the quality of renovation must be in each project. Matt be came part of our organization because of his integrity and expertise in the field.

             Tony Cuong -                       Digital Marketing Director, Business Coach, Co-Founder of Sicus Media Inc.

Tony Cuong
Digital Maketing Director, Business Coach, Co-Founder of Sicus Media Inc.

His name is Tony Cuong, a marketing director of Accure Wealth Solution and Co-founder of Sicus Media Inc.

He ever worked for many companies as a software engineer in Vietnam before immigrating to Canada. He had a lot of experiences in consulting to small business about marketing strategies. He helps Accure Wealth Solution how to positioning the brand and stand out in the real estate industry. 

           King Neril Sibulo -                      Social Media Director, Co-founder of Sicus Media Inc.

King Nerio Sibulo
Soical Media Director, Co-founder of Sicus Media Inc. 

His name is King Nerio Sibulo, a social media director of Accure Wealth and Co-founder of Sicus Media Inc.

Immigrated to Canada at the age of 13 with a passion for learning, King started his entrepreneurial journey after he finished high school by joining an MLM company, then after 2 years he went to college but eventually dropped out to pursue his Digital Marketing Agency, after a series of ups and downs King Decided to Partner up with Tony, to continue building his Business and his Empire. Beside that, he consults Accure Wealth Inc. about social media strategies.