Accure Wealth mean "The Accurate Path to Real Estate Wealth"

Blake Petilos grew up in the Philippines. His whole family moved to Calgary in June 2012 when he was 18 years of age. They started a life in Canada with no job, no network, and no money. They lived in a small apartment, and his parents and his brother worked minimum wage to survive for two years of living in Canada. Blake’s family lived well after his parents got a job in their professions while Blake was still studying until her mother got unemployed due to the oil crash that happened in Calgary in 2015. He started his real estate investing business after the crash for her mother’s future retirement. Today, Blake Petilos owns a real estate company called Accure Wealth Real Estate Solutions Inc. and working with four coaches and mentors who are Award winning and Top Performing Real Estate Investors/Entrepreneurs in Canada. One of them is a Self-made Millionaire. He works with these successful real estate gentlemen in growing his business in Buy-Fix-Sell, creative real estate, and Apartment Buildings. Blake bought his first property in Thorncliffe with his girlfriend by way of Joint Venture with another real estate expert with no money down. He made thousands of dollars in being a marketer and negotiator. His business is continuously growing and thriving for success and will be forever thriving for success to change people lives by showing the Accurate Path to Real Estate Wealth.

Blake Petilos is the eldest son of two hardworking Filipino immigrants and boyfriend of a sweet, cute and hardworking Filipino lady named Camille Cuevas.

Blake’s business philosophy is to continue helping people by solving real estate problems to get great deals, be a great leader to the team of leaders and find investors to change lives towards financial freedom.


“To Provide Profitable Hands-Free Secured Real Estate Investments With Great Returns And With Limited Challenges To Reach Individuals' Goals”


“Become A Well Known Real Estate Entrepreneur In Alberta Helping People Create Wealth In Real Estate To Achieve Individuals Dreams”